Gastric Banding: Terry Simpson Phoenix

Dr. Simpson performs gastric banding surgery at Arizona bariatric surgery centers.Terry Simpson, MD, has offered gastric banding in Phoenix for several years. Dr. Terry Simpson is a proctor for the Allergan Lap-Band and often trains other surgeons on proper lapband surgical procedure.

What is Gastric Band Surgery?

Also known as Lapband surgery, this weight loss surgery has the surgeon putting an inflatable, adjustable band around the top portion of the stomach. With the band around the stomach, it makes it necessary for the band recipient to consume food slowly, at a much smaller volume. Some foods can get stuck in the band, causing sever discomfort, so it’s important that the lapband patient is educated on using the lapband properly.

Dr. Terry Simpson offers not only extended patient after care, he hosts informational seminars and online courses to help patients use their bands effectively. A gastric band is simply the tool to help the patient lose weight, however, it also performs better when the patient adopts a healthier lifestyle and learns how to eat, what to cook, and how much to eat.

“I spend more time teaching my patients to cook than I do operating on them,” comments Dr. Simpson. “It’s vitally important that they learn how to use their new tool properly, and that’s exactly what the gastric band is: a weight loss tool. It’s not a magic fix all, where the weight just drops off. The weight will fall off, if, and only if, the band is used as it was meant to be used.”

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