Gastric Sleeve

The vertical gastric sleeve, or sleeve gastrectomy, or “the sleeve” has become one of the most common weight loss operations in the last few years. We started doing them in 2001 as a stand-alone weight loss surgery and found that patients enjoyed having them as a surgery. From our book “Weight Loss Surgery: A Lighter Look” that was first published in 2004 we talked about this operation as one that had yet to be approved by most insurance companies.

Well now most insurance companies approve this operation for weight loss surgery, and we find that patients still love having it done. Today most weight loss surgeons do this operation, and some even as an outpatient.

The surgery is simple but elegant in concept:

Most patients who are obese have larger stomachs that they need.

The stomach is not only larger, but it produces appetite hormone.

By removing the excess stomach, and some normal stomach, we take a patient that could never “feel full” and was “always hungry” to someone who has little hunger and a small amount of food will satisfy.


Sometimes patients who just have not done well with the Lap-Band find that conversion to the Sleeve is the best option for them. It provides a sense of satiety they want, and allows them to lose weight.

This operation still requires that you adhere to a strict lifestyle. And, as with all operations, it has complications – which we will be happy to go over if you are interested in the surgery.