The Low Carb Diet Myth

All those high protein, no carb diets – Don’t Work! Why? Watch this video to find out! All you’re really losing is water and Glycogen – which is not a good thing! In fact it can hurt you, not help you! There are better ways to lose weight.

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Diet for Pre-OP Weight Loss

What do we do for weight loss? What menu plans can we suggest? This is what we recommend to all of our patients – it is simple, and easy -and you can do it.  We also recommend this diet for our patients whose bands are unfilled for a time so that they can keep the positive weight loss moving toward loss instead of regain.

Then there are the patients who have not changed their eating habits and need to – here is a plan for you.

Every Day for Lunch -
In addition to whatever else you eat you must have two whole fruits.

Whole Fruits are the Basis for lunch

They must be whole- and not a fruit cup. Two apples, an apple and an orange, a grapefruit and an apple. So, no matter what else they eat – they must have these two fruits.

Every Mid Day – before dinner by two hours they Must have one whole fruit. That is simple, it is the middle of the day and they must have something. A banana is a great option.

Sometimes mid day we recommend 1 ounce of almonds (which is about 23 almonds) – no more. But that crunch and the bit of protein and fat help.
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