Weight Loss Success

I never worried about my weight

My name is April Simpson, and Dr. Terry Simpson is my husband. I never thought about losing weight until I had my son, JJ on July 20, 2010.  So before I tell you a bit about my weight loss journey let me tell you a bit about myself, before JJ.

I spent my career in television- mostly as an executive producer, where we made and produced syndicated television shows.  But I also spent a lot of time in front of the camera, interviewing everyone from Harrison Ford to Oprah, and reporting on events.  TV does add weight, but I did just fine – and took for granted that my body was going to easily bounce back from having my son.

Then I met my husband, Terry. We had both had great careers, and lives, and for the first time we both wanted someone to complete the party- JJ. We met, we got married, we had JJ.

But in the process of having my son, I ate things I never ate before, and with the pregnancy gained 60 pounds. JJ only weighed 7.2 pounds – so you can see that was a lot of extra weight, and not much baby.

It wasn’t easy losing the extra weight, and if you can imagine the pressure I felt, being married to a weight loss surgeon. But I knew I had to challenge myself, and it was a challenge, but the weight came off.

I’ll be sharing my story, what worked, and what was challenging, in different articles on The Weight Loss Doctor. Hopefully, you’ll find strength, tips, and some successes of your own.  Please follow along, and let’s get healthy together!