April’s Weight Loss Journey

I never thought about losing weight until I had my son, JJ on July 20, 2010. So before I tell you a bit about my weight loss journey let me tell you a bit about myself – before JJ.

I spent my career in television- mostly as an executive producer, where we made and produced syndicated television shows. But I also spent a lot of time in front of the camera, interviewing everyone from Harrison Ford to Oprah, and reporting on events. TV does add weight, but I did just fine – and took for granted that my body was going to easily bounce back from having my son.

I never worried about my weight

Then I met my husband, Terry. We had both had great careers, and lives, and for the first time we both wanted someone to complete the party- JJ. We met, we got married, we had JJ.

But in the process of having my son, I ate things I never ate before, and with the pregnancy gained 60 pounds. JJ only weighed 7.2 pounds – so it has been a journey.

It wasn’t easy losing the weight- and imagine being married to a weight loss surgeon. I’m going to blog my journey here and share what I went through, and how I did it.

Dr Terry Simpson About Dr Terry Simpson
Dr. Terry Simpson is a Phoenix weight loss surgeon. He encourages his lap-band surgery patients to learn to cook and adopt healthier lifestyles. His goal is to use culinary medicine to keep patients out of his operating room. www.drterrysimpson.com

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